Software services

Do you have visibility of all your software assets? How much of the enterprise software solutions that you own do you actually use? Can you prove the return on investment of your software assets?

Demonstrating how your investment in software supports your business’s goals isn’t easy. Countless complex vendor agreements … an inability to manage software through the entire lifecycle … limited skills and resources … all contribute to the challenge.
Wouldn’t it make sense to enlist the expertise of a partner to help you unlock the full potential of your software investments?

​Take a proactive approach to software asset management through ORATECH’s full-services approach.

Here’s how we can help you extract value:

Procurement: optimising how you procure licences and the structure of licensing agreements and ensuring software licence compliance. Should you sign a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement? Would a Microsoft Select Agreement be a better choice?  What does your current software estate comprise beyond Microsoft that we can help with?

Deployment: we help you plan, deploy and integrate the software you procure.

Measurement and management: critical for creating a compelling business case. The measurement of your software will allow you to successfully prove a return and justify future investments in enterprise software solutions.

Innovation: to ensure alignment with business objectives and goals as your organisation evolves. We assist you to continually assess your software strategy, performance and deployment roadmap.

Working with us, you can look forward to:

  • an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft licensing agreements
  •  expertise in structuring software licensing contracts
  • proven ability to align business objectives with software outcomes
  • software deployment and integration skills
  • ability to verify and prove return on investment
  • software requirements being met at all the stages of their lifecycle

IT Consulting and Professional services

Emerging technology trends, evolving business needs and new ICT sourcing options make it increasingly challenging to keep your ICT environment optimised, while delivering new services to the business faster.

Today’s IT leaders need to support current business operations while also charting a sensible path to be more agile, more efficient, more secure and more mobile. Selecting the right service provider that can partner with you to plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment has never been so important.

We offer strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services covering the major ICT domains and delivery models to help you plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment.

Strategy consulting

Our strategy consulting services help you identify and plan powerful and innovative ICT services using optimal delivery models that drive real business outcomes.

We can help you leverage emerging technologies – mobility, cloud and IT-as-a-service – while maximising the value of your existing mixed-technology environment.

We work with you to develop strategies that are founded on our practical implementation experience as one of the largest ICT infrastructure system integrators in the world.

Architecture consulting

Our architecture consulting services focus on developing the roadmaps and solution designs for integrating new technologies and optimising your current IT environment in line with your broader ICT strategy. 

We have extensive architecture competencies and offerings in areas important to your business, from network, communications, and data centres to end-user computing, applications, service management, and security​.  Through these services, we support you in designing end-to-end solutions that help you realise the greatest value from your technology investment.

Implementation and Integration services

Through our implementation and integration services, we provide extensive delivery, project, programme, and transition management expertise to help you build integrated solutions and prepare for managed, cloud or IT outsourcing delivery models.

Using proprietary frameworks, methodologies and tools, we simplify and de-risk your transformation projects to ensure you realise the desired benefits to the business.