Customer experience

We helped one of the world’s largest hospitality companies keep their guests coming back with cloud-based customer service. Cloud enabled our client to scale up or down during peak periods.

Process efficiency

We helped a major mining company streamline their business processes with a next-generation cloud environment for SAP. Cloud enabled our client to significantly reduce their costs.

Employee collaboration

We helped a large government agency to communicate and collaborate better internally. Cloud enabled our client to reduce their costs.

Why We Are Ahead of the Edge!

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Gas Technology

Oratech focus our attention on leveraging technology to its’ fullest, getting product to market quickly, reliably, and safely, delivering you the most value from your automation assets.

We primarily focus the majority of our talents in the areas of: Gas Processing Control Systems, Gas Instrumentation and Calibration systems, SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Client Computing

Your employees today are choosing their own working styles. They’re adding smartphones, tablets and other devices and expecting these to connect with their existing desktop and laptop environments so they can get the job done – wherever they are.

Our client computing services include: Enterprise mobility, Systems management, Identity management, Desktop deployment and management, Desktop virtualisation, Application integration, End-user computing


You have ambitions: to grow, accelerate, transform and innovate – and protect your business. We give you everything you need to achieve your ambitions – faster, by putting hybrid cloud at your core.

We give you the strengths you need: Consulting and professional services, Private cloud, Public cloud, Hybrid cloud, Business continuity, Cloud Services for Microsoft, Cloud Services for Cisco and Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service

Data Centre Management and Automation

In the digital age, running legacy and cloud-based infrastructures – whether they be on-premise, off-site, or hosted – isn’t easy. How do you evolve your existing operational policies, procedures, and toolsets to unlock the full value of your hybrid IT infrastructure, eliminate operational siloes, and create a unified set of operations?


A constantly evolving landscape of APTs and other security threats… increased IT compliance pressure … demand from your business stakeholders to provide robust security for virtualisation, enterprise mobility, and cloud computing … enterprise security is a complex and fast-moving target.

Software services

Do you have visibility of all your software assets? How much of the enterprise software solutions that you own do you actually use? Can you prove the return on investment of your software assets?

How can we help you grow your business?